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About Us

Shenzhen Zhongdun Industrial Co., Ltd. (Mildtrans) was founded in October 2004 and is a professional distributor of LCD panel products and services. The main LCD panel brand covers many domestic and foreign mainstream brands, such as BOE, LG, Samsung, AUO, CHIMEI, etc. The products are widely used in notebook computers and tablet computers. , monitors, mobile phones, televisions, industrial applications, automotive displays and other fields.
As of 2016, Mildtrans has established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with customers in over 150 countries and regions around the world. It not only maintains the supply of more than 4,500 different types of liquid crystal panels, but also maintains more than 100,000 individual pieces. The number of products in stock to meet the various needs of different customers in different parts of the world, to ensure that goods are delivered quickly and safely. The
Mildtrans (Zhongchuan Industrial) has offices in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, and plans to open up foreign offices so that marketing and service systems can better cover major regions in Europe, the United States, and Asia.

Value concept
Corporate Mission: Innovate to create and enhance value!

Corporate Vision: Become the most trusted partner for employees, customers and suppliers!

Corporate Values: Be Human - Grateful, Honest, Polite Work - Professional, Efficient, Active

management team
General Management Office: Decisions of the company's major direction, the annual target landing

Sales Department: Ensure - Efficient, Communication, Service

Purchasing Department: Ensure - Genuine, Cheap, High Quality

Supply Chain Department: Ensure - Safe, Timely, Delivery

Finance Department: Ensure - Funds, Data, Errors

Executive Personnel: Ensure - Team, Process, Execution

Network Operations Department: Ensure - Display, Connection, Communication

development path
●In October 2004, Shenzhen Mildtrans was founded in Shenzhen Huaqiang North, opening the road to the electronic product trade.

●In 2009, Zhongchuan Industrial began to focus on providing LCD panel products and services

●From 2009 to 2013, Nakagawa Industry’s main notebook LCD panels maintained annual growth of more than 300%.

●In 2013, Zhongchuan Industry has established long-term cooperation with more than 300 customers in more than 50 countries and regions around the world.

●In 2014, the 10th anniversary of the establishment of China Chuan Industrial, commemorative gifts and extended warranty services to our customer partners

●In 2016, Zhongchuan Industry has established long-term relationships with more than 800 customers in more than 150 countries and regions around the world.

●In 2017, Nakagawa Industrial, it is worth looking forward to...

Corporate honor
We are a company recognized by the platform.
We are a company recognized by our peers.
We are a company recognized by our hometown.

Social responsibility
In society, we insist on taking public actions to repay the society and assume the responsibilities that companies and individuals should have.

In the environment, we insist on environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, and go deep into every person in China.

As for employees, we insist on improving the company's platform and environment to enhance the growth of each company in the company.

As for partners, we insist on reaching a stable and stable cooperation with each partner in good faith.